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PCT (post cycle therapy) refers to the use of steroids after a cycle of testosterone-based drugs. PCT is often used to help recover from the side effects of anabolic steroid cycles.
The first thing you should know about post cycle therapy is that it is not a cure for steroid addiction. While it may reduce some of the symptoms associated with steroid abuse, it does not eliminate them. However, it can help you get back to normalcy faster than without using PCT.
There are many different types of PCT products out there. You can find both prescription and nonprescription versions. Prescription PCT is only recommended if you have been diagnosed with a medical condition related to steroid abuse. Nonprescription PCT is safe for anyone who wants to try it.
You can buy PCT at any pharmacy or online store. There are several brands of PCT available. Each brand works differently depending on what type of product they are.
Some people prefer injectable forms of PCT while others prefer oral forms. Oral PCT is generally considered safer than injectable PCT. Injectable PCT is usually prescribed by a doctor. Oral PCT is usually purchased over the counter.
Injectable PCT is administered via injection directly into muscle tissue. It is commonly given once per week. If you do not feel comfortable injecting yourself, you can ask your doctor to give you injections.
Oral PCT is taken orally. It is usually taken twice daily. Most people take it before bedtime. You can also mix it with food.
Both injectable and oral PCT are effective. They work by reducing the amount of estrogen in your body. This helps prevent the negative side effects of estrogen.


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