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Boldo Test is a revolutionary product that helps people understand their own body’s natural healing power. Boldo Test is a simple blood test that measures the levels of vitamins, minerals, trace elements, hormones, enzymes, antibodies, and other substances in the human body. These tests reveal how well our bodies are functioning at any given moment.
The Boldo Test uses a patented technology that measures the levels of over 100 different substances in the blood. These tests provide information about the state of the immune system, liver function, kidney function, thyroid function, hormone balance, bone density, and many other aspects of health.
This test provides a comprehensive picture of the health of the body’s systems and organs. It gives us a detailed look at what is going on inside our bodies. We can use this information to make informed decisions about our health and wellness.
What does Boldo Test measure?
• Vitamin D
• Iron
• Zinc
• Copper
• Selenium
• Chromium
• Manganese
• Iodine
• Biotin
• Folate


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