GHRP-2 (5mg x 5) and Mod GRF 1-29 (CJC-1295 no DAC) (5mg x 5)


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Peptide Combination Special
GHRP-2 (5mg x 5 Vials) and Mod GRF 1-29 (CJC-1295 no DAC) (5mg x 5 Vials)


GHRP-2 is commonly used as a diagnostic tool for measuring GH levels in humans. It is also used as a treatment for acromegaly, a condition characterized by excessive amounts of growth hormone. GHRP-2 is also used to treat children who have short stature due to low levels of growth hormone.
4. Dosage
The recommended dosage of GHRP-6 is 0.1 mg/kg per day. This dose should be administered subcutaneously once daily.


1. Ipamorelin GRf 1-29

GRF 1-29 is a synthetic ghrelin agonist that mimics the effects of endogenous ghrelin. Ghrelin is a hormone produced by the stomach that stimulates appetite and food intake. GRF 1-29 is believed to increase appetite and decrease body fat. GRF 1- 29 is a peptide analog of ghrelin that binds to GHS receptors.
2. Ipamoreline
Ipamoreline is a synthetic ghrelins that increases appetite and decreases body fat. Ipamorelone is a synthetic ghreline that increases appetite and decreases weight. Ipamoreloin is a synthetic ghrelines that increases appetite and decreases fat.
3. Growth Hormone Releasing Factor (GHRF)
Growth hormone releasing factor (GRF) is a naturally occurring protein that was first isolated in 1977. GRF is released by the hypothalamus gland and initiates the release of growth hormones. GRF is involved in the regulation of growth hormone secretion and is responsible for the stimulation of growth hormone production. GRF is a polypeptide composed of 28 amino acids.
4. Growth Hormone Release Inhibiting Factor (GHRI)
Growth hormone release inhibiting factor (GHRI) is a naturally occurring substance that inhibits the release of growth hormone. GHRI is a polypeptides composed of 25 amino acids.
5. Growth Hormone Secretagogue (GHS)
Growth hormone secretagogue (GHS) is a naturally occurring molecule that stimulates the release of growth hormone in humans. GHS is a polypeptid composed of 30 amino acids.
6. Growth Hormone Stimulating Peptide (GHS-R)
Growth hormone stimulating peptide (GHS-RP) is a naturally occurring peptide that stimulates the release of human growth hormone. GHS-RP is a polypeptidel composed of 31 amino acids.
7. Growth Hormone-Releasing Hexapeptide (Hexarelin)
Growth hormone-releasing hexapeptide (HEXA) is a synthetic growth hormone releasing peptide that is used to treat growth hormone deficient patients. HEXA is a hexapeptide composed of 6 amino acids.


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