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1. Halotestin (Halogenated progesterone)
Halotestin is a synthetic progesterone that contains halogens. These halogens are added to increase the potency of the drug. There are two types of halogens used in the production of halotestin; bromine and iodine. Bromine is used in the synthesis of halotestin due to its high volatility and low cost. Iodine is used in the production of the drug due to its stability and high solubility.
2. Progesterone
Progesterone is a naturally occurring steroid hormone produced by the ovaries in women and the adrenal glands in men. In addition to being a sex hormone, progesterone is also responsible for regulating menstruation, pregnancy, lactation, and maintaining bone density. Progesterone is also known to have anti-inflammatory effects.
3. Testosterone
Testosterone is a male sex hormone that stimulates muscle growth, increases libido, and promotes sperm production. Testosterone is also responsible for hair growth and prostate enlargement.
4. Dihydrotestosterone
Dihydrotestosterone is a metabolite of testosterone that is formed after testosterone binds to the enzyme 5 alpha reductase. This binding converts testosterone to dihydrotestosterone. Dihydrotesorone is then converted to estradiol, which is a female sex hormone.
5. Estradiol
Estradiol is a female sex hormone that is involved in reproduction. It is also responsible for breast development, skin thickening, and maintenance of bones. Estrogens are also responsible for mood swings and depression.
6. Androstenedione
Androstenedione is a precursor to estrogen and testosterone. It is a type of steroid hormone that is present in both males and females. It is also a precursor to dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA).
7. Dehydroepiandrosteronesulfate
Dehydroepiandrostersulfate is a sulfate ester of dehydroepiandrosteon. It is a major circulating metabolite of dehydroepiandrosterone.


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