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MuscleTech 100% Mass Gainer Protein Powder, Protein Powder for Muscle Gain, Whey Protein + Muscle Builder, Weight Gainer Protein…

  • 100% ULTRA-PREMIUM MASS GAINER – New Premium Gold 100% Mass Gainer is an advanced mass gainer designed for individuals who have a tough time adding size or want to break through their muscle and strength plateaus.
  • BETTER QUALITY CALORIES DESIGNED FOR THE HARDGAINER – Premium Gold 100% Mass Gainer is a powerful and scientifically superior weight gainer that delivers a massive 1,170 calories when mixed with skim milk.
  • MORE PROTEIN PER SERVING THAN OTHER WEIGHT GAINERS – This new enhanced formula features a 70g multi-phase protein system (when mixed with skim milk), providing critical amino acids to the body fopr rapid recovery after training.
  • MORE BCAAs & LEUCINE PER SERVING THAN OTHER WEIGHT GAINERS – One serving supplies a massive dose of leucine and BCAAs which are important nutrients athletes want to help increase muscle protein synthesis.
  • BUILDS MORE STRENGTH – Premium Gold 100% Mass Gainer delivers 5g of creatine, a scientifically validated dose to help replenish ATP stores, enhance performance, boost strength, and build muscle.
Product Dimensions

18.1 x 18.1 x 25.91 cm, 2.1 Kilograms

Date First Available

March 21 2017


Iovate Health Sciences Incorporated CA, ca health and personal care, IOVAT

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