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1. Pinealon Steroid
The pineal gland is located at the base of the brain and is responsible for producing melatonin. Melatonin is a hormone that helps regulate sleep cycles and circadian rhythms. In humans, melatonin levels rise and fall throughout the day. When melatonin levels are high, we feel tired and sleepy. When they are low, we feel alert and energetic.
2. Pinealon-X
This product contains a combination of two different types of pineal gland hormones called DHEA and DHT. These hormones have been shown to improve mood, increase libido, and promote muscle growth.
3. Pinealon-T
This product contains a mixture of three different types of pineal glands hormones including DHEA, DHT, and T. DHEA is known to help reduce anxiety and depression while increasing sexual desire. DHT is known to increase testosterone production and muscle mass. T is known to increase sex drive and improve mental clarity.


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