Genotropin HGH 5,3mg 16IU


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Manufacturer: PFIZER
Substance: Human Growth Hormone, Somatropin
Pack: 1 pre-filled pen (5.3 mg) 16 iu


Genotropin HGH 5,3mg 16IU

1. Genotropin HGH is a product that is derived from human growth hormone (HGH). It is a natural supplement that helps increase muscle mass, bone density, and libido. It is also known as a performance enhancer.
2. Benefits of using Genotropin HGH
– Increases lean body mass
– Improves sexual function
– Boosts endurance
– Enhances recovery time after exercise
3. Dosage
– Take 1 capsule daily 30 minutes before workout
– Do not exceed recommended dosage


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