Humatrope HGH 6mg 18IU


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Manufacturer: LILLY TURKEY
Substance: Human Growth Hormone, Somatropin
Pack: 1 vial 18 iu (6 mg)


Humatrope HGH 6mg

1. What is Humatrope?
Humatrope is a brand name for Human Growth Hormone (HGH). It was first approved by the FDA in 1985 and is considered safe for use in humans. It is manufactured by Genentech Inc., a biotechnology company based out of South San Francisco, California.
2. How does Humatrope work?
The human body naturally produces HGH, but levels begin to decline after age 30. However, using Humatrope can help increase natural production of HGH. In addition to increasing natural production of HGH, Humatrope may also have positive effects on muscle mass, bone density, skin thickness, hair growth, and even sexual function.
3. Is Humatrope legal?
Yes, Humatrope is 100% legal. There are no restrictions on its sale or distribution.
4. Where can I buy Humatrope?
You can purchase Humatrope online at any reputable website. You should always check the product reviews before purchasing.
5. Does Humatrope have side effects?
There are no known side effects associated with Humatrope.


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