Omnitrope 10mg


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Manufacturer: Sandoz

Substance:  Somatropin

Package: 1 cartrige (30 IU 10mg/ 1.5ml)

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Omnitrope 10mg

1. What is Omnitrope?
Omnitrope is a brand name for a synthetic steroid hormone called nandrolone decanoate. Nandrolone is a naturally occurring male sex hormone produced by the testes. It’s similar to testosterone, but not quite as strong. Decanoate refers to a chemical structure that makes it easier to absorb than its parent molecule.
2. How does Omnitrope work?
Nandrolone decanoates works by binding to receptors in the body that respond to natural hormones. When taken orally, it mimics the effects of testosterone and increases muscle mass, bone density, and libido. It also helps build lean muscle mass and increases endurance.
3. Where can I buy Omnitrope?
You can find Omnitrope at any online pharmacy. You may have to search around a bit to find a reputable website selling it.
4. Is Omnitrope safe?
Yes! There are no known side effects associated with using Omnitrope. However, if you’re taking prescription medication, make sure to check with your doctor before starting to use Omnitrope.
5. Can I take Omnitrope with other steroids?
No. Omnitrope is not compatible with any other steroids. If you want to stack it with other steroids, you’ll need to look for something else.


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